aXpire Partners with Devery

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aXpire is excited to announce a strategic partnership with Devery, a blockchain powered, open-source, product verification protocol. This strategic partnership signals the start of our Preferred Provider Network, of which many businesses and projects solving or servicing real pain centers will participate in with time. The Preferred Provider Network consists of verified suppliers of protocols, services, products and other applicable potential RFP/P2P task solutions.

As two companies growing within the B2B and P2P blockchain fields, aXpire and Devery will work together to facilitate mutual growth across a number of areas; including development, design, sales and overall business strategy. In the longer term, Devery will serve as one of our first Preferred Providers on aXpire’s P2P marketplace and B2B RFP portal to service clients looking to ensure they are receiving verified and trusted goods, and/or businesses looking to provide such verification for their own products/goods.

Further partnership developments will come as we move forward along our roadmap. Keep an eye out!