aXpire Releases Resolvr v1.0 Demo

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We’re happy to announce that the resolvr v1.0 interactive demo is now released. With this demo, you will be able to try out the very platform that our $24bn hedge fund client is using today.

This is the next step in our path towards delivering upon our roadmap, and is the first public display of any of our products. This version of the resolvr platform does not yet have the AXP token integrated, however that’s coming with the resolvr v2.0 release later this quarter (Q3).

Along with the resolvr v1.0 interactive demo, we’re also releasing a client-facing resolvr product site, with a more corporate aim and feel. You can check out that demo and new site here:

We hope you are as excited for aXpire’s future as we are, because we’ve got a great road ahead of us! We’re also looking forward to sharing the MVP of the MatchBX platform this quarter, so keep your eyes and ears out for further updates!