MatchBX  – We Need Your Help

Take our community survey and help guide the future of MatchBX

We’re asking the MatchBX community to help decide burn structure.

This is a long but important article.

This month, we will be releasing the MatchBX beta to the AXPR community. We have always believed that MatchBX would be a platform for the community; a way for everyone to benefit from finding and offering freelance jobs, and providing AXPR with an additional source of token burn. Since the start, we’ve believed that being a community-lead platform is the right approach.
We are, after all, counting on your feedback and comments to help us build the best jobs platform for you, and we’re counting on you all using the platform to make it a success.

Today, we would like to ask you a tricky question

One which will help us work out exactly what serves you, the community, best. The objective of MatchBX was always to provide the community with a place to earn and spend AXPR, but also to provide AXPR with additional burn, reducing the amount of AXPR in existence. Our intention has always been to include a transaction burn, rather than a fee in the purest sense. High fees on jobs/task portals have always been a pet peeve of ours, and we are therefore committed to keeping MatchBX essentially fee-free. But this creates a problem and a few questions for our community.

If we do not include fees in the form of a burn, there is no burn of AXPR, and there is no reduction of overall AXPR token supply sourced from MatchBX usage.

The higher the so-called fee, the more we are able to burn AXPR.

The lower the fee, the higher the potential incentivization users have to use the platform.
 We would like to make this decision with your support. We’ve created a linkyou can use to tell us which option you agree with, and any more feedback you might have. And don’t worry, you have the power. If there is a clear winner, we’ll go with the community vote. If it’s a bit tricky, we will look at all the feedback, and announce a plan based on your views.

We would like to build a model which works for everyone; which helps the AXPR community find and offer jobs, and that accelerates the AXPR burn rate. There is a fine balance between increasing the burn and disincentivizing use, and we’d like to hear what you all think about what that balance should look like.

The platform is yours, and so is the fee decision.

Click the button above to take the survey!

How high should MatchBX fees be?

  • Option 1 — No fees / no burn
  • Option 2 — 1-3% — Low fees / low burn
  • Option 3 — 3-5% Medium fees / medium burn
  • Option 4 — 7% — Medium high fees / medium burn
  • Option 5 — 8-10% — Higher fees / higher burn

The vote will close on 21st Sept at 12AM EST. We will review all the responses and announce the results.

Thank you for your support,

The aXpire team