Month: October 2018

aXpire Acquires BlockchainWarehouse (BCW)

aXpire, a leading blockchain fund solutions company, has announced the acquisition of BlockchainWarehouse (BCW), a blockchain accelerator and leading token sale product developer. aXpire has made the [...] Read More

aXpire Fund Technology Ecosystem

aXpire is a leading blockchain Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) company; more specifically, we are a blockchain fund solutions company. We focus our products on asset managers. Hedge [...] Read More

AXPR Merchandise Store Launch!

The AXPR merchandise store has been launched. Buy aXpire-branded merchandise with crypto at!

After receiving several inquiries about whether or not aXpire merchandise was available, we decided [...] Read More

What is aXpire and the AXPR token?

While keeping in pace with our ever-changing world, we look for solutions to more effectively streamline and manage the cost of doing of business. These solutions must [...] Read More

aXpire Partners with Parachute

We’re happy to announce that we’ve partnered with Parachute, the cryptocurrency community platform and ecosystem — you might’ve noticed if you’re active in the aXpire telegram. With [...] Read More