What is aXpire and the AXPR token?

While keeping in pace with our ever-changing world, we look for solutions to more effectively streamline and manage the cost of doing of business. These solutions must change as our problems do. It is only natural that new technology should address these constantly arising challenges, and with the quickly progressing world of blockchain technology, aXpire aims to issue a productive and effective response.

What is Resolvr?

aXpire is an ERP SaaS company creating a suite of blockchain-based products. The company’s core operating principle is simple: Businesses waste moneyand therefore aXpire aims to cut waste and improve profitability.

At the heart of this vision is ResolvraXpire’s primary spend management software. Resolvr operates on a myriad of levels to cut out unnecessary costs. Through utilizing facets of machine learning, Resolvr not only eliminates the need for traditional methods of bookkeeping but also takes data (such as invoices and expenses) to build a streamlined customer database, effectively controlling spending and maximizing profitability. Resolvr also features a sleek UI designed to create an optimal experience for users, which include aXpire’s $24 billion AUM hedge-fund client, as well as others who have entered into talks with the company. In fact, aXpire has already filmed a short feature presentation with CNBC to help promote Resolvr to potential customers all throughout America. For holders of the AXPR token and blockchain enthusiasts in general, aXpire is bringing a medley of things to be excited about in the near future!

What is MatchBX?

aXpire’s second product is MatchBX, a P2P job marketplace. MatchBX is an equally interesting and unique platform which has great potential for growth. As a sample metric, over 9,000 users signed up on the whitelist for the brand-new MatchBX Beta, which just released on September 30th! The platform is a great way for freelancers to connect with tasks, all of which can issued for free. The premise is very simple: You post a job on MatchBX, set a budget of a certain amount of AXPR for its completion, and wait for a response from a freelancer who’ll make a bid. You can then choose to decline, accept or simply wait for more offers. Whether you’re a programmer, designer, or writer, MatchBX aims to be a job marketplace brimming with skills and opportunities. The concept of paying for tasks with cryptocurrency, enabling a decentralized exchange of work and compensation, is incredibly important, and MatchBX is at the forefront of this. Additionally, a small 3% fee (in the form of a token burn) will serve to promote both early token adoption and its utility value.

What is AXPR?

Central to both Resolvr and MatchBX is the AXPR token, formerly known as AXP. Reissued as a way to prolong token burning and streamline compatibility with smart contracts, AXPR is an ERC-20 token currently being traded on KuCoinHitBTC, and IDEX, as well as a few other miscellaneous exchanges. In total, there are 350,000,000 AXPR tokens in existence, with a circulating supply of roughly 265,000,000. The remaining 25% is split between reserve tokens (10%), advisor & developer tokens (10%) and aXpire’s bug bounty program (5%). The former AXP token was issued in January after the aXpiretoken sale reached its $20 million hard-cap in only 89 hours! From the very beginning, aXpire has recruited notable cryptocurrency figureheads as advisors, such as Roger VerMate Tokay, and Shingo Lavine of Ethos. These big industry names have undoubtedly helped steer aXpire in its course as a business, and with its active Telegram group and dedicated community, it seems reasonable to say that aXpire, even in this year’s bear market, is doing better than ever.

While it’s not always easy to tell what the future may hold, ambition is certainly the recipe of success, and aXpire has a lot of it. The aXpire team is working diligently on the products, sales, business development, and community building. It’s important to remember that aXpire is not just aiming to be another blockchain start-up, but rather a legitimate presence in the spend management space.