aXpire Fund Technology Ecosystem

aXpire is a leading blockchain Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) company; more specifically, we are a blockchain fund solutions company. We focus our products on asset managers. Hedge funds, private equity funds, wealth managers and everything within the asset management industry. That comes with an ecosystem that we’d like to share with the community. This ecosystem represents the many components that we have to explore and exercise in so that we can be a successful ERP company.

First things first, and that’s our token holders. We constantly think about how we can derive value for those who HODL AXPR, and that includes new ways to use the AXPR token, new benefits for long term holding and new exchanges to increase liquidity and introduce new buyers.

A natural complement to these token utility discussions are considerations around current and future aXpire products. aXpire’s fund solution flagship product is Resolvr, which is focused on spend management. The AXPR token features in that as a licensing token. To grow this out, we are looking to build additional fund focused products that rely on the AXPR token as a licensing unit to be burned, in the very least. As some of the community may have noticed, the website has a few additional products that are on an internal roadmap, and they focus on trade management, practice management and lastly, fund growth.

Anything we do outside of this focus can be caught with MatchBX, our freelancing / procurement tool to ensure we can offer any and all online services in AXPR. For example, we may work with a hedge fund that wants to pay aXpire to develop additional features for Resolvr, which we can set up through MatchBX. This product is just outside of our comfort zone, but we wanted to encourage our community to engage with AXPR and wanted to make sure anything outside of fund solutions directly benefit those who HODL AXPR.

If you would like any additional information, please reach out to [email protected].