aXpire Quiz Winners

We had ~4,000 participants complete the intense aXpire quiz. Only a plucky 1% made it unscathed through the challenge, and a random 10-person draw of them have won. We also have a fair few suggestions to sort through, and will provide credit to any ideas that prove valuable.

We’re excited to announce the winners of the first-ever aXpire quiz. We hope you found it both fun and educational, as we certainly enjoyed making it. Here are the winners, anonymized so as to not make them targets:

1: a************[email protected]**

2: c*****[email protected]

3: a*************[email protected]

4: r************[email protected]

5: e******[email protected]

6: n***************[email protected]

7: s*******[email protected]**

8: n*********[email protected]

9: c*********[email protected]

10: m**************[email protected]

If you’re on this list, then we’ve already reached out to you, either via telegram or email. Get back to us with the requested information, and you’ll get your AXPR and t-shirt sent your way!

For those of you that are wondering what you got right/wrong on the quiz, check out this answer overview:

1. What is aXpire?

ERP SaaS company

2. What is Resolvr?

aXpire’s spend management software solution

3. What is/are the core issue(s) Resolvr is trying to fix?

All of the above

4. What is MatchBX?

aXpire’s P2P task/job marketplace

5. How long did it take for the $20m hardcap to be reached during the aXpire token sale?

89 hours

6. Which notable cryptocurrency individual sits on the aXpire advisory board?

Roger Ver

7. Which of the companies/projects below are amongst aXpire’s partners or have been clients?

Microsoft Partner Network, Intel, IBM, NFL, R3, Nike, Nissan, Bounty0x, Ethos, KFC

8. Which blockchains / distributed ledgers are aXpire using?

Ethereum, Corda

9. How many assets under management (AUM) does aXpire’s hedge fund client have?

$24 billion USD

10. What is the first question listed in the support center of the Resolvr demo?

How do I contact Helpdesk Support?

11. What is aXpire’s token ticker?


12. What does aXpire’s token do?

Used as a currency on MatchBX, and is needed to pay for Resolvr software license. Fees on both platforms are burnt, decreasing token supply.

13. Which exchange(s) can aXpire tokens be purchased from?

All of the above

14. Which emoji is used in the pinned message of the aXpire telegram chat?


15. What is the name of the principal creator of Ethereum?

None of the above

16. When was the Ethereum blockchain launched?


17. Roughly what price did Bitcoin reach at its highest?


18. Who is this person?

Vitalik Buterin