aXpire’s 25 Days of Christmas – Winners of Day 10 through Day 15!

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We’re announcing the winners of aXpire’s 25 days of Christmas in 5-day intervals. This is the third winner draw interval.

If you haven’t participated in this initiative yet, make sure to do so, giving you a chance to win AXPR tokens and merchandise.

Winners will be contacted at the end of December.

Enter here:

Without any further ado, congratulations to the last 5 winners of aXpire’s 25 days of Christmas, listed below in an anonymized format:

Day 11: ty**[email protected]

Day 12: a*****o****9*

Day 13: ch*****a****o**[email protected]

Day 14: j*******[email protected]

Day 15: e***n***.*****