Welcome to aXpire 2.0

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This article will serve as a project-wide update, telling you all what we’ve been doing in 2018 and how we’ll progress throughout the new year.

It’s been roughly a year since aXpire officially entered the blockchain industry, and we couldn’t be more thankful to have had our community with us thus far. We have experienced and learnt a lot this year as a collective industry, and this has most certainly rubbed off on aXpire as a company as well. If there’s one thing that can be said for certain, it’s that we’re early; the technology is early, and adoption is early. However, this cycle plays out with almost every new technology, especially those related to financial services and alternative assets; gold, internet stocks and REITs all faced similar cycles, especially when you look at the impact of derivatives, such as futures, on these innovations. It takes time, and we are committed to continuously building and providing a better value proposition for aXpire and AXPR.

On that note, we have some updates for the community. We realize there has not been a strong focus on public-facing marketing recently, and for good reason; we have been building. Enhancing our products’ quality and broadening our suite of offerings, both products and services, adds a lot more value to aXpire long-term than a short-term marketing push. Especially when marketing, with no substantial development to back it up, has little to no impact in a bear market.

The only way to fully describe our new developments is to share with you all the new scope of aXpire; the new iteration of our business: aXpire 2.0.

Welcome to aXpire 2.0

In brief, aXpire 2.0 is focused on adoptable blockchain infrastructure. We’ve long been touting spend management and blockchain ERP solutions, which are core to what we do; however, in our experiences pushing these products, we have found some strong opportunities to focus our mission statement. aXpire is a fund and fund technology company. We deploy capital, looking to incorporate AXPR into as many of these opportunities as possible, and we make technology that relates to helping asset managers grow their business with technology. We can still work with broader companies, and welcome the introductions. These areas we operate in, summed up in one word, comes down to a single thing: infrastructure.

We are introducing a number of new products and services which are live and available at this very moment, or close to release.

1. aXpire Crypto Gateway

aXpire’s acquisition of BlockchainWarehouse gave us ownership of BCW’s CoinBX token sale platform, a platform which we’ve multi-purposed for a variety of different products and uses. One of these products is the aXpire Crypto Gateway which allows for crypto projects to sell their native coin or token directly on their website, via the CoinBX platform, for AXPR, BTC, BCH, and ETH. This is not only valuable for a token sale project, e.g. an ongoing token sale, but also for established projects looking to integrate options for customers to purchase their tokens without going through expensive exchanges.

Right now, we’re doing a large private marketing drive for the gateway, and the response to it has been very positive. In fact, we’ve been impressed by the amount of interest the product has been getting, clearly indicating that there is demand for what we’re building. We‘ll have more information about the Crypto Gateway coming soon, same as with the exchange.

This product is already functional and can be tried via the link a little further below. Keep in mind KYC/AML is disabled in the demo site to avoid us paying associated fees as users test our tool. We are able to offer this tool as a registered agent of a broker-dealer.

Key points:

  • License fees discounted if paid in AXPR
  • AXPR will be one of the 4 cryptocurrencies used to buy a project’s native token through the gateway
  • Discretionary amount of AXPR burnt from product/service use

See the demo: https://uatcoinbx.axpire.com/ (only this exact link works)

2. aXpire Alternative Assets (AAA) Fund

With us becoming members and partners of various family office organizations with a combined AUM of several trillion dollars, as well as with us having a weekly blockchain educational newsletter for one of these organizations, FON, we’ve decided to expand into the fund space directly by launching the AAA fund.

We’re currently on a tour across the US with aXpire-hosted family office events wherein we promote aXpire products and services, including the AAA fund, aiming to get investors to commit to this venture capital fund which is investing in early-stage equity-focused blockchain projects.

See an example of one of our FON newsletters here.

Key points:

  • Utilizes AXPR for management and success fees
  • Allows monetization of family office relationships
  • Offers a chance for aXpire to stay on the cutting edge of blockchain
  • Discretionary amount of AXPR burnt per month from product/service use

3. Resolvr Update

We want to address our most pressing roadmap deliverable, Resolvr 2.0. We have made a strategic choice around the tool to release an updated version that incorporates a private blockchain, and to save a “purer” blockchain incorporation, specifically a version with a more public blockchain, once we’ve shown existing clients the benefits of the technology. The hesitation around a more public version of their data, even when encrypted or modified so that only non-sensitive information is broadcast is around privacy. Much like the early hesitation of transacting online, institutions need to take adoption a step at a time. There is also the news that we will enter renewal talks for the Resolvr 2.0 contract with our anchor client, in early Q2 2019. This contract will be larger than our previous one in scope, properly reflecting the new features and their use of the software; use which has skyrocketed since their adoption of the software.

Why Resolvr continues to stand out from the competition:

  • Implements AI in invoice and spend management, reducing average invoice processing time from an average of ~30 minutes to ~2 minutes
  • Can be implemented into large organizations within 4 weeks, with custom features and tweaks available
  • Works even within asset management firms and companies that already have large ERP vendors in place, e.g. Oracle, SAP, and fits in seamlessly — plus, Resolvr is extremely competitive on price with a SaaS model

Key points:

  • AXPR still required for license fees
  • 50% of the incremental add-on from any new contract with our anchor client, that we’re being paid in AXPR, will be burnt.

4. MatchBX.io Update

The MatchBX platform is still in beta and is undergoing tweaks and bug fixing. This will continue until it is ready for a full release. We’ve lined up partners to help with MatchBX’s exposure to both freelancers and employers, and we’re planning on increasing user acquisition efforts all-around after the full release of the platform.

Key points:

  • Bug fixing and tweaks underway
  • Will exit beta soon, and user acquisition / marketing efforts will follow
  • AXPR is burnt from all platform fees, and AXPR is required as the platform currency

5. Exchange Listings

We’re listing on two new exchanges this month: P2PB2B.io and EtherShift.co. P2PB2B is available right now, with EtherShift coming later in the month.

A common misconception we often see is the belief that we’re unable or unwilling to list on more exchanges. This is simply not correct. We’re still working on exchange listings and these two are examples of that. It’s not the simple case of just calling up the well-known CEO of the largest exchange and, voilà, AXPR gets listed. It’s also not the case of splurging around money, and again, as if by magic, AXPR gets listed. We’re working on it.

Key points:

  • AXPR traded on P2PB2B.io for BTC, ETH, and USD (now)
  • AXPR swappable on EtherShift.co for various tokens (soon)

6. Other Updates

We have more in the pipeline, including new products and services which will be of interest to all aXpire ecosystem members. We can’t wait to tell you more, though these were not ready to be public in time for this post.

Thank you for reading aXpire’s 2018 update. We’re excited to tell you more about what we’re up to, moving into 2019. Stay tuned!

Happy holidays, The aXpire Team