Introducing the aXpire Ambassador Program

As a part of our push towards new sales and adoption of our products, we’re launching an ambassador program for our community. This program will enable members of the AXPR community to register and be eligible for a high percentage commission (15%) on converting sales leads sent our way.

Products eligible for the no-strings-attached commission deal include: 1. Resolvr — $15,000+ per sale 2. CoinBX — 15% of sales 3. Crypto Payments Portal — 15% of sales

How do I register?

If you’re interested in becoming an aXpire ambassador, please fill out the following registration form:

Registrants agree to not share any confidential information.

This is a commission only gig, with no outside salary or official employment. Ambassadors are not aXpire employees or contractors.

What do I need?

After registering as an ambassador, we will send you the required documentation and information to help you secure strong leads for aXpire. You will have access to various resources from aXpire, including email sales templates, ‘best selling principles’ tutorials, future scheduled sales seminars, and more.

Anyone can become an ambassador if they so wish, and we also accept sales referrals from non-ambassadors (to [email protected]). This program has been created simply to organize and track those that are interested, as well as to provide guidance and resources.

How does it work?

Ambassadors secure sales leads for aXpire which they direct our way, e.g. by way of an introduction email (to [email protected]). After a lead has been directed our way, there is no more work needed of the ambassador. If the lead converts, the ambassador will get paid.

Eligible sales include Resolvr sales, CoinBX STO-hosting sales, and Crypto Portal Sales, e.g. for integration with post-ICO/STO crypto projects wanting to sell their native tokens directly from the project’s website.