Introducing the AXPR Prime initiative

We’re excited to announce the launch of a brand new aXpire initiative: AXPR Prime

The AXPR Prime initiative will serve to reward those token holders that decide to reaffirm their long-term belief in the AXPR token. Eligibility for the initiative is gained by locking a minimum of 250,000 AXPR tokens in our ‘HODL’ smart contract for a 1-year period (optional early withdrawal if AXPR’s US dollar price hits ATH at ~$0.25). Those that lock 500,000 AXPR will receive double benefits, e.g. double free entries, upgraded MatchBX badge, and so on.

AXPR Prime members will receive a set of benefits:

  1. Free entry into weekly 10,000 AXPR Prime contests.
  2. Early-access to new aXpire products and initiatives.
  3. 1 free promoted listing on per quarter (once launched).
  4. ‘AXPR Prime Member’ verified user badge on (once launched).
  5. ‘AXPR Prime Member’ exclusive flair on the aXpire subreddit.
  6. Exclusive access to any potential airdrops from aXpire accelerator clients.
  7. Exclusive access to the new private AXPR Prime telegram group.
  8. Exclusive access to the new aXpire newsletter for AXPR Prime members.
  9. Ability to submit questions for the monthly public aXpire Q&A.
  10. Ability to submit questions for public aXpire podcast guests.
  11. Priority story submissions for aXpire’s Family Office Network newsletters.

Become an AXPR Prime member now!

Click the image above or go to

To participate, you’ll be required to download the MetaMask add-on for Chrome:

If you need help, check out the video tutorial here: