– Bonus Opportunity

Rewards system trial for MatchBX through Q2 2019.

find out more at

This is an initiative focused on increasing activity on Attempts to game the system will request in a removal from and all aXpire channels.

Keep in mind AXPR is due at completion of these tasks, and these bonuses are additive, i.e. you can qualify for more than one (1) bonus in each job:

+ 1,000 AXPR bonus for those who complete a job and post a screenshot of the completed job

+ 2,000 AXPR bonus for posting or bidding on a 5,000+ AXPR job in the following categories: development, translation, writing

+ 3,000 AXPR bonus for referring someone to, for both you and the person you refer if they complete or post a 5,000+ AXPR job. Screenshot shared here, or via PM to the admins, or send your username/email and the username/email of the person you refer to [email protected], subject line: “MatchBX Referral”

Example Scenario: if you were to refer a friend, who was a developer, to and he or she bid on a development job, completed the job and let the administrators know, you’d get a 3,000 AXPR bonus and he or she would get a 6,000 AXPR bonus (3,000 AXPR + 2,000 AXPR + 1,000 AXPR)

For any questions, please reach out to [email protected].