Vote for aXpire (AXPR) @ Ethfinex

Help us get the AXPR token listed on Ethfinex: vote for us on April 2nd!

Dutch version of this story can be found here.

Vote for AXPR on on April 2nd — April 9th

aXpire Needs You!

We are reaching out for your support in an important time: we need your help in our efforts to get the aXpire token, AXPR, listed on Ethfinex.

So, how can you help? Vote for AXPR with EVT tokens!

Well, first thing’s first — this exchange uses tokens to decide who gets listed.

We will rebate all aXpire community members the ETH spent on their vote! More details on that can be found here.

There are a few main things you need to know off the bat:

  • Voting will take place here [update] — EVT = 2 votes for this entire period per a recent Ethfinex update:
  • You’ll need Ethfinex Voting Tokens (EVTs) to vote; you can buy EVTs using USD on (see the next section for a guide). Wait until March 26th to buy because that is when the new EVT will be distributed.
  • You can also get Ethfinex Voting Tokens (EVTs) by buying Ethfinex’s platform Nectar tokens (NEC) before March 25th, at which point you’ll be airdropped EVTs 1:1 for each NEC token you own
  • Why two tokens? Well, EVTs are only for voting, and they expire worthless once the voting is over. NECs exist after voting and are earned by market makers on the platform. TL;DR — EVTs are cheaper, but expire post-vote; NECs are more expensive, but exist after the vote, and earn you EVTs if you buy before March 25th, as well as a revenue share from Ethfinex.
  • Ethfinex has plenty of material available explaining how voting works, such as their community voting article overview, found here

How can I buy EVTs and vote for AXPR?

  • Log in or sign up to Ethfinex.
  • Deposit ETH or any other listed ERC20 token.
  • Convert your ETH or ERC20 token to USD using the Trade feature on Ethfinex.
  • Purchase Ethfinex Voting Tokens (EVT) through the EVT/USD pair.
  • Withdraw your EVT to an external Ethereum wallet.
  • You can vote by connecting your Metamask, Ledger or Ethereum Keystore wallets to

Additional Information

  • The Ethfinex Voting Tokens are distributed monthly to Nectar (NEC) holders in a 1:1 ratio.
  • Whilst the main purpose of EVTs is for the Ethfinex community to vote which tokens will be listed, users are also able to trade EVT on Ethhfinex against an EVT/USD pair.
  • EVT is not a good long term investment — EVT tokens expire and disappear every month. The EVT market is stopped before voting ends to ensure plenty of time is left for remaining EVT tokens to be withdrawn for voting purposes.

Please reach out to us on Telegram for more information about how to vote for AXPR — we are available 24/7!