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Visiting SOS Children’s Villages in India

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The world is changing. We all know it.

We hear the news, we see the signs.

Earth is fundamentally changing, and with it, the situation of people around the world. We must each do our part, if not to save the world, then to help people live a full life. Little or big, few or many — what matters is that we try to do good. There are several things you can do right now, such as participating in #TrashTagdonatingvolunteering — the list goes on. We hope to inspire you to do good, and to be the change that not only the world needs to see, but also its people.

At aXpire, with our application, we’ve been thinking of how it can be used to better the situation of people in economically-troubled areas. We’ve also been looking at ways we can influence communities and organizations that share our values; SOS Children’s Villages is one of these organizations.

Educating the generation of tomorrow is imperative to the success and betterment of humanity as a whole. Every person on earth has a selfish reason to support for-good activities, especially within education. The more educated the global population is, the higher our chance is of finding cures for deadly diseases, and the higher our chance is of finding the solutions to various other problems. SOS Children’s Villages around the world house some our future scientist, farmers, doctors, entrepreneurs, and sanitation engineers — that has immense value, and as such, we’ve decided to support them.

In cooperation with aXpire’s sister company LSG, we’re going to be visiting one of the SOS Children’s Villages near LSG’s India office tomorrow, on the 21st of March 2019. We’re going to bring the children t-shirts, pens, and we’re also funding the education of two of the village’s children at the high school level in the form of an aXpire scholarship. There will be pictures of this event via the official aXpire twitter.

Clearly it can be distressing to see people, especially young children, who don’t enjoy the same breaks in life compared to the more privileged. Ignoring this will never help change those lives, and so I believe it’s a duty and indeed an honor to take part in helping shape a better future for the under served, and the under privileged among us. We are very pleased to support the SOS Children’s Villages in India, particularly in our local community, with some happiness, some small gifts and donations, and of course with our time and friendship.

We encourage anyone and everyone to donate to SOS Children’s Villages India. — Gary R Markham, CEO at aXpire

If you want to donate to SOS Children’s Villages India, you can do so through the following link:

If you can’t donate, that’s more than fine. Nevertheless, we encourage you to be on the lookout for things that you can do to better the world. We aspire to inspire with humanitarian for-good and forward-looking initiatives.