Ethfinex Vote: Rebate & $5,000 Voting Competition

See below for all the details on the aXpire Ethfinex Vote and Competition

Vote for AXPR on on April 2nd — April 9th

aXpire Community,

As we’ve talked about in our aXpire Official Telegram channel, aXpire has been chosen as one of the 12 tokens that Ethfinex will allow holders of EVT to vote on from April 2 through April 9. Should we get voted within the top 3, we will get listed on Ethfinex, and following that, Bitfinex.

We need active community engagement to ensure we reach the top 3 tokens voted for in this process and we want to start our relationship off with Ethfinex on strong footing.

So, we have decide to offer our community two new initiatives to incentivize voting:

  1. full rebate of your ETH spent on EVT voted based on the price at the time of purchase. We will need proof of purchase as well as confirmation that you voted for AXPR. We will use CoinMarketCap for ETH and EVT price. If you want to use BTC, please reach out to an admin on our aXpire Official Telegram Channel. The rebate will be issued on April 9th or April 10th.

To get your rebate, please fill out this form:

2. Also, if we achieve at least $3,000 of community voting, those who have voted with at least 500 EVT can enter into an additional draw for a chance to earn $1,000 in AXPR (up to 5 spots) for a total of a $5,000 AXPR giveaway. Again, proof of voting is required, and we’ll work with the exchange to verify. Those who vote more will have a higher weighting in the draw.

Once you’ve voted with at least 500 EVT, please fill out this form for a chance to win:

Also, please let us know how much you voted via this typeform to help us keep track:

As an update from Ethfinex, for this round of voting, 1 EVT = 2 votes the entire time.

And that’s that!

Let’s get AXPR on Ethfinex, which will start the exchange dominoes falling, starting with Bitfinex.

All the best,

The aXpire Team