MatchBX: Revolutionizing the Freelance Market with Crypto

We live in a time of transition now, with the world around us changing radically thanks to technological advances in all possible spheres of life. The entry of blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies around a decade ago has represented one such vast technological leap in the history of humanity. Slowly but steadily, smart contracts have been making their presence felt in a number of diverse sectors — asset tracking, insurance, identity verification, to name a few. Blockchain technology can play a prominent role in the way we search for and complete jobs as well. Smart contracts can completely remove the requirement for any sort of paper contracts, and the immutable public ledger can render fraudulent activity impossible; freelancers can work knowing they’ll get paid. In a few years’ time, the concept of working traditional 9-to-5 white-collar jobs might even be a thing of the past.

People around the world are gradually beginning to change the way they approach their daily jobs. The comfort and convenience of working from one’s home is something that people have already warmed up to. Any half decent organization allows its employees to work from their homes from time to time, in order to maintain a proper work-life balance. Moreover, a lot of skilled professionals have been rejecting the idea of a regular job to venture into the field of freelancing. Freelancers are typically domain experts, who undertake short projects which might last anywhere between a few days to a couple of years. They dictate their own working hours, and their home is their perennial workplace. Platforms exist where clients can search for and hire the services of such freelancers. However, the absence of complete and proper paperwork in some instances between the client and the customer can lead to difficulties unheard of in the formal job sector. Late and untimely payment, or even a total lack of payment, are other factors plaguing this industry. Moreover, if the freelancer belongs to a different nation, then the matter of making payments becomes even more complicated. This is where cryptocurrencies and blockchain come to the rescue!

Cryptocurrencies are well known as a medium of borderless and fast payment. Add to that the security offered by smart contracts, and we have a fool-proof system in place. Currently, there are a handful of job posting and searching platforms powered by blockchain technology. MatchBX, powered by the aXpire team, was born out of the same idea. MatchBX ensures that employees and employers can connect with each other, and work together in a fast, streamlined, and secure manner. Moreover, being a decentralized platform, MatchBX guarantees that geographical and political restrictions are a relic of the past. In a nutshell, it packages all the goodness that blockchain technology has to offer, and delivers it to our doorstep in the form of an easily leveraged use case.

MatchBX was launched in the 3rd quarter of 2018 and is currently in its beta phase. Conceived as a platform to “provide services” related to the blockchain technology, MatchBX is one of the early movers in a market which is estimated to grow tremendously in the next 5 to 10 years. The platform provides a simple, guided interface, making it extremely simple for any individual or organization to post a job, and for the relevant job seeker to complete the job and receive his or her due payment. As stated in their whitepaper, MatchBX enables “people to participate in the platform as part of the new economy, either as a freelancer or as a creator of tasks”.

Advantages and features of MatchBX

One of the advantages offered by MatchBX, compared to other platforms, is that it is powered by the AXPR token. This allows the platform to seamlessly interact with other solutions and products developed by aXpire, such as Resolvr and CoinBX. The tokens are held by the user in his or her own wallet, which gets linked to the MatchBX platform through Metamask when the user creates a new account. Payments are directly transferred to the user’s own wallet, ensuring complete transparency, and security. All fees on the MatchBX platform are burnt instead of pocketed by aXpire, ensuring that the entire token’s economy thrives.

In addition to this, aXpire has a referral program, where the person who refers a job seeker earns bonus tokens if that referred individual completes a job. For more information, click here. aXpire has a very active Telegram group; for any doubt or query regarding the platform, you can reach out to the admins there. Questions are usually responded to fast, thanks to the buzzing aXpire community.

In the case of freelancers looking for jobs to bid on, here’s an overview of the entire process:

  • Register on the page by clicking on “Get Hired”, and complete the registration and verification process by e-mail. You can sign up through your Facebook account as well.
  • Once inside, complete your profile by entering your skills, adding a picture, and writing a description.
  • Search through the available job offers. You can look through all available jobs by clicking on the “get hired” part of the top bar, or by filter categories of your preference.
  • A very important step is to link your MatchBX wallet with your own Ethereum wallet through Metamask. In the upper right corner, a link is provided to download Metamask from the official browser store. Once your wallet is linked, you will be able to bid, and you will receive AXPR tokens as payment for tasks performed on MatchBX.
  • The step you have been waiting for — apply for the desired job. Read through the offer terms carefully, and use to the message box if you wish to send any message to the job poster (recommended). Make sure to communicate deadlines and expectations with your employer.
  • Finally, wait for the “acceptance” of your bid. Once/if accepted, you’ll receive an email notification. The job status will also reflect in your dashboard, alongside the job name.

In case you’re looking to hire a freelancer, click on “Post a Job”, fill in the details, and upload the relevant project documents. Now, wait for a freelancer to take up the offer and contact you.

If you are looking to provide a freelancer service (Fiverr-like GIG) of your own, click on “Post a Service”, following the same process.

The platform is fast, extremely easy to use, and most importantly, makes sure that you receive funds in your personal wallet for the jobs that you complete.