aXpire’s 2019 April Fools Joke

Challenging the automotive industry with a merge of today’s top technologies leveraged to perfection

EDIT: Yes, this is quite clearly our April Fools’ Day 2019 joke. We’re not creating a car, nor will we in the foreseeable future.

After nearly two years in the making, we’re proud to announce the Model AXPR: an electric car with specifications that would make even the most dedicated traditional car enthusiast drool. Our prototype will be present at the AXPR summit in Washington D.C. in 2022.

Meet CarOS

We’ve merged the top flight of technology into one, leveraging the power of blockchain, deep learning, and artificial intelligence in one single application. Meet CarOS, for example; a smart operating system allowing you to fully unlock your driving potential. CarOS feeds you valuable information about your driving, and stores data which you can export and share with insurance providers to lower your premium rates. When it’s icy on the road, CarOS will tell you which elements of your driving requires refinement. The OS also communicates with nearby vehicles, letting you know if a «brother» vehicle nearby is experiencing motor problems and/or if you need to directly reach out and help — worry not, however, you would be compensated for such a rescue effort.

The AXPR token

This brings us directly to our next point: the AXPR token. Our native token is not just a perfect fit for this vehicle; it’s its fuel, its main driver. Whenever CarOS alerts you to a nearby vehicle in trouble, whether it’s in need of a jump-start, tire change or anything else — it’s opened as a bounty for you and your Model AXPR to earn from. Help the vehicle, and you will earn the «security deposit» that the other driver has set for his vehicle — the higher your deposit, the more likely other motorists will come to your rescue. The AXPR token is also literally the fuel of the vehicle, or at least the means to which you can acquire electricity. We’ve partnered with leading electrical charge providers in the automotive industry, integrating Uniswap to automatically convert AXPR tokens into DAI which is accepted by our charging partners.

«We saw no reason as to why we shouldn’t partner with aXpire. It’s a logical choice as their technology is bleeding-edge and as we always wish to stay at the forefront of innovation. With the Model AXPR, we think the disruption potential is incredible.»

– Alan Smithee, CEO of Eltech

Our Ethos

We know that humanity requires transportation. Modern society hinges upon transportation to bring us all together; to ensure that the very infrastructure of society can be driven forward. Our question is this: why use inferior technology? Blockchain, deep learning, and artificial technology allows for drivers to unlock the extra 5%, adding an edge — a flair — to their driving. And so why are we the only ones innovating in this category, you might ask. Well, it’s because we’re simply the best.

Keep your eyes out for further announcements regarding the Model AXPR, such as direct specifications (e.g. more on the flux capacitor), and price.

If you want to take a look at an extensive set of pictures of the upcoming model, click HERE.

Best regards,

Team aXpire

Automotive Division