Resolvr Awarded ‘Premium Usability’ and ‘Rising Star’ Awards!

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We’re very proud to announce that Resolvr recently was conferred with 2 industry awards by FinancesOnline, a highly trusted platform for software reviews. The two industry awards, namely the’ Premium Usability’ award and ‘Rising Star’ badges, highlight Resolvr as an outstanding piece of spend and invoice management software for asset managers and fund administrators due to its reliability and great overall design.

The FinancesOnline experts were reportedly highly impressed with Resolvr’s design for facilitating spend management, stating and confirming that it is able to effectively streamline and automate payment approvals, expense management, data management, billing review, and more.

In describing what Resolvr is and the benefits it offers, FinancesOnline stated that the software provides innovative tools for simplifying spend management. According to them, users are able to better optimize their spend as the software provides them with clear transparency of all spending. Furthermore, Resolvr was lauded for accelerating spend management processes without compromises.

FinancesOnline also noted a positive user reception for Resolvr, with their User Satisfaction Algorithm recording a modest 86% user satisfaction rating. This positive user rating perfectly complements the ‘Rising Star’ award we received, as it is given to business solutions that customers believe are reliable and efficient for solving key issues they face at work.

We would like to extend our appreciation to FinancesOnline for the glowing review, and we recommend that you give their website a look to post your own user review and check their budget forecasting guidelines to avoid common budgeting mistakes. More importantly, we would like to thank our core customers for supporting us. Our company will continue to provide everyone with better solutions in 2019 and beyond.