aXpire Update | Week 23


The Resolvr monthly fee burn went ahead like clockwork, burning 100k AXPR. Resolvr tech development is currently in its second phase. The next and final phase will see more thorough blockchain implementation. We are exploring options from data integrity through payments.


The last leg of PayBX development work is set to start next week and will take close to 3 months for completion.

We’ll share more news with the commnuity once available, but we plan to share early stage designs within 6 weeks.

As promised, we have a marketing plan, but are just sharing a sample hereto avoid competition at the time being.


MatchBX redesign and development is on schedule to drop in early July. Can you see the differences between the original design and the latest design here? We’ve worked to ensure a continuing progression towards decentralization and more features that would increase the widespread adoption of this procurement product.


The Digital Shares domain has been registered and waitlist signups have gone live. Please direct any inquiries for CoinBX as a crypto gateway to [email protected]

Needless to say, busy days ahead for the aXpire team!

This week, and ahead of the Crypto Evolved Conference, aXpire’s Matthew Markham sat down with ViableMkts to talk about institutional blockchain adoption (P.S. aXpire is a partner at the conference). Check out the discussion here.

In other crypto news, Tron’s Justin Sun won this year’s Glide Foundation charity bid to dine with Warren Buffett. As part of the dinner event, Sun can bring along 7 friends. And he is looking to build an A-Team to win over Buffett’s crypto-criticism. Anthony Pompliano has expressed interest to attend while Binance’s CZ tweeted his unavailability. We’re interested to see how it plays out; the cryptoworld will be watching with amusement.

Apple released a Crypto Toolkit for iOS app developers. The kit provides a set of readily available tools that enable developers to add cryptographic functionalities to their apps instead of building them from scratch or using third party kits.

To sign off this newsletter, aXpire continues to solidify its position in the FinTech space. Read more about how crypto is impacting the banking ecosystem.