aXpire Update | Week 24


The Resolvr weekly burn occurred without a hitch, burning 10k AXPR. Resolvr’s tech development is currently in its second phase, as with last week, and we’re in active discussions with parties interested in utilizing the platform. Hopefully more information to come soon.


The last leg of PayBX development work started this week, and we expect it will take close to 3 months for completion starting this week. Expect sneak peek pictures of the design soon. There are competitors for the product, but we’re confident our tech will win out.


This week, development work has been focused on the Kleros-integrated arbitration on the escrow smart contract, as well as on a new 2FA system. Development is steaming ahead, and we can’t wait to get the site live on the new design.


CoinBX, now mainly focused on Digital Shares, is live with a signup and waitlist. Please direct any inquiries for CoinBX as a crypto gateway to [email protected]. As for more information about Digital Shares, stay tuned.

This week, Gary Markham, aXpire CEO, was chosen as a “Blockchain Expert” and panelist for a VIP Blockchain Panel and Dinner for Fortune 500 C-Suite Executives in New York, organized by the author of “never eat alone.” The event represents an incredible networking opportunity, with each dinner/panel only hosting 50 executives at a time, with discussions and talks also occurring in organized, smaller, and separated groups. Gary will bring his A-game, and we’re confident he will be able to shine positive light on aXpire to potential partners, clients, and so on.

In other crypto news, Uber, PayPal, and Visa have been reported to be backing Facebook’s GlobalCoin. We’re not sure how to approach this stablecoin, in light of Facebook’s blatant disregard for the “core tenets” of that which cryptocurrency and blockchain stands for. We’ll be watching from the sidelines, but we certainly hope to see further adoption and exploration of decentralized blockchains like Ethereum instead, which thankfully has been plentiful too.

Elsewhere, Bakkt finally announced that they would begin testing two futures contracts on July 22 of this year. This is the first movement from Bakkt, an interesting company which will facilitate the potential mass movement of retail funds into the market.

In exchange news, Binance has announced that they’re launching a new US exchange with a FinCEN-registered partner, obviously representing big news for the exchange and the space itself. Like them or not, exchanges are important to the space, and registered and regulated exchanges even more so. Binance DEX is also making strides in terms of adoption, and we’re keeping a keen eye on them.

To sign off this newsletter, aXpire is continually developing its products and broadening its footprint on the crypto space and the FinTech space as a whole. Stay tuned for further newsletters, product announcements, and so on. Only with our strong community will we be able to achieve success.