A New Client for aXpire via (ABC)

Find out more at aXpire.io & HealthGates.io

We’re excited to announce that aXpire & HealthGates has collectively gained a new client utilizing HealthGates’ software, built on Resolvr infrastructure.

This new client is the reasoning for the past few weeks’ double burns, and this new client is also the reason for why this double burn will continue, even with the monthly burns. This means that the new monthly burn rate is now 260,000 AXPR, including weekly burns.

The aXpire Blockchain Community (ABC)

A final aspect of the aXpire tokenomics model which we’ve not discussed yet relates to an incubator/investment side of aXpire, dubbed the aXpire Blockchain Community (ABC), of which HealthGates is a part of.

This initiative consists of companies we’ve taken a particular interest in, either for having outstanding technology, impressive use case, strong credentials, or a combination of them all. HealthGates is one such company, and another key example is Parachute. With Parachute and their ParJar application, aXpire has a call option to purchase equity in the company at a predetermined valuation in exchange for aiding the payment company’s growth. Any money that flows out of this relationship will benefit our token through a market buyback and a burn or HODL strategy.

HealthGates is a healthcare startup creating an electronic Prior Authorization (ePA) platform aided by the technology of our Resolvr platform, and which aXpire holds equity in as an incubator and strategic partner. HealthGates already has achieved a paying client, leading us to this very article. Same as with Parachute/ParJar, HealthGates’ revenues will yield benefits for the AXPR token with buybacks, burns, and HODL schemes — as seen with the doubling of the burn.

Think of the ABC aspect of our business, with current and future clients/partners, as something akin to Binance Labs, with the main differentiator being that there’s always benefit brought to our token holders.

Any new companies in the initiative and this overall category of our tokenomics will be introduced to the aXpire community as soon as contracts are finalized.