Month: August 2019

aXpire Whitepaper v2.0.0

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Happy Friday aXpire Community!

We are proud to present to you the latest and greatest aXpire whitepaper, which [...] Read More

Expense Allocation: What It Is, and How Software Can Help

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Let’s face it.

Expense allocation is not an exhilarating subject, it doesn’t fill you with joy and adrenaline at the [...] Read More

The AXPR token is integrating with Magnum Wallet

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About Magnum

Magnum is a light non-custodial wallet for managing more than 1,000 cryptoassets.

It’s available to manage coins from any [...] Read More

The DEX versus CEX debate

The prosperity of the crypto market has had a lot to do with the success of centralized/custodial exchanges (or, CEX). This seems ironic since decentralization is [...] Read More