The AXPR token is integrating with Magnum Wallet

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About Magnum

Magnum is a light non-custodial wallet for managing more than 1,000 cryptoassets.

It’s available to manage coins from any device since Magnum exists in web-app form, later to be released as a desktop app as well. Furthermore, Magnum offers an Android and iOS app for mobile.

Users have full control over their private keys, and they do not need to create an account if they do not wish to do so. Moreover, users can even send, receive and exchange digital assets with a Ledger device via the Magnum Wallet.

The Magnum Wallet has a few other nifty features that users can enjoy, including passive staking, airdrop claiming, and more!

Check them out HERE.

The aXpire x Magnum partnership

Starting today, AXPR token holders can now manage their assets through Magnum’s non-custodial wallet service. Both the ERC20 and BEP2 token are available for use via the Magnum Wallet. The AXPR BEP2 token can also be exchanged using Binance DEX directly within Magnum.

To celebrate and kick-start this integration, we will be launching a bounty campaign with Magnum Wallet in the coming week(s). We will release further details soon, so stay tuned for updates on the bounty and definitely try out Magnum!

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To find out more about Magnum, you can visit their website at or visit their announcements Telegram channel here.