We’re Investing in Moon

We’re pleased to announce that Moon (also known as PayWithMoon) is joining the aXpire Blockchain Community (ABC) through us making a strategic equity investment in the company. Moon is creating a payments application which shares some of the same user base as PayBX. We believe this overlap to be positive. By investing in Moon, we’re securing ourselves a partnership that will serve to improve both parties. We also get the added benefit of “covering our bases”, ensuring upside in case their take on cryptocurrency payments achieves greater success. We’ve got two payments applications, each with an entirely different approach. We believe there is room for both.

About Moon

Moon is a browser extension that offers an alternative payment method when shopping online. Pay with Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ether or Bitcoin Cash directly on Amazon.com. Moon offers both Coinbase and Lightning Network payment options at checkout, in a near real time checkout experience. Moon is run and managed by engineers, builders and enthusiasts who love Bitcoin and the change it will bring to the world. They hope their efforts drive adoption of cryptocurrency and help educate consumers on the benefits of crypto for payments. Moon is based in New York, NY.

How does this help the aXpire ecosystem?

As we’ve stated above, the seed investment/partnership will help us both do better. This will ensure that our PayBX application is always as good as it can be. Beyond this “I scratch your back, you scratch mine” relationship, we’ll also use parts of profits derived from the investment into Moon to purchase AXPR and burn it. As with all of our other initiatives, products, and so on — AXPR always benefits through being purchased and burned.