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eBay for Procurement

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Most procurement systems can deliver some degree of spend analysis, contract management and supplier performance management.

The better ones may even offer [...] Read More

Tail-End Spend: Devil’s in the Details

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Most organizations only manage their major spend, not all of their spend.

Major spend typically makes up 80% of their total third party spend [...] Read More

Reflections on a Token Sale

What we’ve learned so far, where we’re going and what we’re excited for in 2018

Reflections on a token sale; find out more at [...] Read More

aXpire’s Resolvr: Tackling Spend Mavericks

Most companies, large or small, have a degree of ‘maverick spend’ where staff don’t follow defined procurement processes and purchase good and services from a [...] Read More

Roger Ver, CEO of is joining aXpire as Blockchain Advisor

Roger Ver, CEO of

We are happy to announce that Roger Ver, CEO of is joining aXpire as our [...] Read More