In partnership with LSG, aXpire is launching Bilr AI-Empowered, Natural Language Processing-Enabled Time Recording and Invoice Creation Tool

(Mobile App and Cloud-Based Billing Software for Law Firms)

Miami, 02 Jul 2019: LSG, the leading legal technology software company, is pleased to announce [...] Read More

aXpire Integrates with Binance Chain

We’re incredibly proud to announce that the aXpire project is integrating with Binance Chain, a blockchain software system developed by Binanceand the community. The integration consists [...] Read More

aXpire Update | Week 24


The Resolvr weekly burn occurred without a hitch, burning 10k AXPR. Resolvr’s [...] Read More

aXpire Update | Week 23


The Resolvr monthly fee burn went ahead like clockwork, [...] Read More

The Case for Market Maturity in Crypto

In their seminal research whitepaper that introduced cryptocurrencies as a new asset class to the world, Adam White (Bakkt) and Chris Burniske (Placeholder VC) described bitcoin [...] Read More