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aXpire: Aspiring to Inspire

Visiting SOS Children’s Villages in India

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The world is changing. We all know it.

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Vote for aXpire (AXPR) @ Ethfinex

Help us get the AXPR token listed on Ethfinex: vote for us on April 2nd!

Dutch version of this story can be found here.

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Regulations in the Realm of Digital Assets

Legal status of bitcoin by country as on 4-Mar-2019 (source)

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The Institutional Interest In Cryptocurrency And Blockchain

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A recent study revealed that more than about 30% of the top ICOs have dipped in [...] Read More

AXPR Official Burn Announcement

As we creep towards a close of Q1 2019, we wanted to share with you an update on the aXpire project and some [...] Read More