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Back Office Brilliance!

I didn’t know the Back-office could be so exciting! — Adrian Guttridge, CEO of Blockchain Warehouse

So much time is spent in the back-office on reconciliation….in the procurement [...] Read More

Is My Crypto Worth More Than a Sardine?

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Seth Klarman, in his book Margin of Safety, wrote:

‘There is the old story about the market craze in sardine trading when the [...] Read More

eBay for Procurement

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Most procurement systems can deliver some degree of spend analysis, contract management and supplier performance management.

The better ones may even offer [...] Read More

Tail-End Spend: Devil’s in the Details

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Most organizations only manage their major spend, not all of their spend.

Major spend typically makes up 80% of their total third party spend [...] Read More

Reflections on a Token Sale

What we’ve learned so far, where we’re going and what we’re excited for in 2018

Reflections on a token sale; find out more at www.axpire.io [...] Read More