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aXpire Newsletter (September 2018)

We have a number of developments to share with the community, including our recent filming of CNBC’s Advancements w/Ted Danson in aXpire’s New York offices. Not [...] Read More

aXpire Releases Resolvr v1.0 Demo

Find out more at axpire.io/resolvr

We’re happy to announce that the resolvr v1.0 interactive demo is now released. With this demo, you will be [...] Read More

aXpire Featured in Forbes!

find out more at www.axpire.io

As the world of cryptocurrency evolves and becomes a normalized alternative to standard forms of physical currency, a growing [...] Read More

aXpire: Our Future

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As we relaunch our website and have recently been admitted into the Enterprise Ethereum Alliance (EEA), we think now [...] Read More