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aXpire’s 25 Days of Christmas – Winners of Day 5 through Day 10!

find out more at www.axpr.io

We’re announcing the winners of aXpire’s 25 days of Christmas in 5-day intervals. This is the second winner draw interval.

If you [...] Read More

aXpire Newsletter (November 2018)

aXpire Newsletter (November 2018)

Welcome to the third issue of aXpire’s monthly newsletter!

A full month for the aXpire community, with lots of news to share.

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AXPR Merchandise Store Launch!

The AXPR merchandise store has been launched. Buy aXpire-branded merchandise with crypto at aXpireMerch.com!

After receiving several inquiries about whether or not aXpire merchandise was available, we decided [...] Read More

What is aXpire and the AXPR token?

While keeping in pace with our ever-changing world, we look for solutions to more effectively streamline and manage the cost of doing of business. These solutions must [...] Read More

aXpire Partners with Parachute

We’re happy to announce that we’ve partnered with Parachute, the cryptocurrency community platform and ecosystem — you might’ve noticed if you’re active in the aXpire telegram. With [...] Read More